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360 Evolution

Gaming has moved from the arcade, to the home console and PC, and now to mobile devices. Likewise, cinema has gone from the big screen, to the home screen, to the portable screen and the pocket screen. Entertainment is now going 360, so the experience is evolving again. You can carry a 360 experience in your pocket. For VR without distraction you can use a headset. The next step is to make 360 a shared experience - to put it in a dome! From small enough for just a few of your friends, to those big enough for all your friends, only a dome allows an audience to share in your immersive experience - to see what you can see and more.

360 FLIX

360 FLIX is a marketplace for 360 VR and immersive content. For personal devices, for headsets or for dome cinemas, small and large, 360 FLIX is the single source for all your 360 content.

For consumers:

Platform for VR & 360

View VR and 360 clips and shows on handheld devices and VR headsets. Not everyone can access a fulldome theater, so 360Flix brings the content to you!

Fulldome show trailers

360Flix allows consumers to preview fulldome shows - in 360 - on personal devices or home computers.

Extensive catalog

360Flix users have access to a huge fulldome and VR show database from content producers around the world.


Users can subscribe to a genre, topic or producer and be automatically notified when new content is made available for viewing

Ratings and comments

Users can rate and comment on content they have viewed so you can easily see what is popular or trending. With voting you can even create a virtual film festival with audience members from around the world.


Users can request fulldome shows and 360Flix will let dome operators in their region know there is demand that needs to be met.

Social web sharing options

360Flix integrates with social media so users can share what they have been watching and tell their friends about the latest 360 shows.

Show times database

360Flix lets users know which fulldome shows are currently playing in their area and at what times.

For content producers:

Sales to dome operators

360Flix allows producers to sell their content to dome operators the world over.

Sales to end users

Now that 360 and VR is available on personal devices and headsets, producers can sell content directly to the consumer through 360Flix.

Content protection

360Flix includes a highly reliable content protection system - so producers can be assured their content is only played by those authorized to do so.

Individual or corporate accounts

360Flix accounts can be operated by an individual for private use or by a company/institution so that a chain of dome cinema operators can centrally manage purchasing an licensing of content.

Flexible licensing

360Flix offers a wide range of license options for the rent or sale content to dome theater operators or private users.

Analytics and reporting

360Flix lets producers see where and when their content is being viewed. Forecast likely demand for fulldome shows based on the popularity of trailers. Identify niches and gaps in the content market.

For dome operators:

Huge fulldome database

360Flix has a vast collection of fulldome content from producers around the world – and new shows are being added all the time.

Quick and easy access

Get the latest shows sooner from 360Flix. No need to wait for a local distributor to make shows available – 360Flix makes the hit of last week’s festival your next must-see show.

Show times

Post your show times so the public can easily learn when they can see all the great content you are offering.


See what audiences in your region are viewing on their personal devices to gauge potential demand for fulldome programs.

Easy to use

360Flix makes purchasing content fast and convenient via a web browser or our iOS app.

Use your dome for special events

Because 360Flix unites exhibitors, producers and audiences it creates opportunities for special one-off or limited run events. Make your dome the place where content meets it’s audience.


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