About film

The acclaimed digital artist Android Jones, in partnership with FulldomeLab, presents Samskara – a stunning visual journey into the mind. Jones’ artwork is inspired by the ancient Sanskrit texts or Vedas. His two dimensional art has been given depth, and combined with sacred geometry, to create a kaleidoscope of imagery never seen before.
The soundtrack is composed by Jones’ frequent collaborator – Tipper. "This is like being inside one of my paintings" - says Android Jones. "You’re not looking through the window at a painting, it’s like you become part of it, you’re the main character in it as it is happening all around you."Samskara debuted at the Fiske Fulldome Film Festival 2015 in Boulder, Colorado, where it won the Best Short Film award. It was a hit at several inspirational festivals over the 2015 US summer. Samskara is now available to fulldome theaters worldwide.

Technical Parameters

Release: 2015

Genre: Show

Running Time: 16 min

Produced by FullDome Lab


A production of 360art (FullDomeLab) produced by George Aistov and Victor Aistov art work Android Jones art director Tanya Yasko